Data Collection

The PortiaPro data collection mobile app is available on both Apple and Android devices.

The mobile app also works perfectly offline. The PortiaPro app can be pre-loaded with sessions for those who do not have a cellular plan on their device or do not have access to Wi-Fi at a client’s home.

Don’t have Tablets? No problem, you can use your laptop’s browser to record data in the identical manner as the mobile app. Have a new Chromebook? Download the PortiaPro app directly to it.

On the app data capture is simple, easy and intuitive. You can record check in and out times, target data, Notes, Complete Forms, ABC data, Activities, view Full Teaching Procedures including Generalization at Home ideas, Images, access the Messaging System and enter Drive Time.

GPS location is recorded, and captured information is synched to the server every 30 seconds to Portia. BCBAs can watch data arrive in the system in near real time. All entries are time stamped so you will know exactly what was recorded and when. Session scheduled time and actual time is viewable, and editable.

If you are using Portia’s Self-Serve or Full-Service Insurance Billing, then the User will also be able to select from authorized Billing Codes specific to each Learner. Authorization tracking ensures you never go over or under on your contracts.

Watch our video on how Portia’s Data Collection System can take your clinic to the next level.

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