Release Notes 03.26.2024

Enhanced Scheduling & Availability Management

Learner Summary, Task & Target Messages, Transfer Session

About this Release

New Features on the PortiaPro mobile app and web admin

Introducing enhancements for Portia’s new Scheduling System and enabling Capacity Planning. You will now be able to set scheduling limits for your clinic, staff and learners. These include soft Scheduling Limits: Clinic Hours (per day) and Staff Hours (per day & per week) and Hard Scheduling Limits: Learner Availability (per day)

To ease your transition with these new enhancements, all clinics will be set to unlimited availability – for Clinic Hours, Staff Hours and Learner Hours (24 hours per day, 7 days per week). This will give you time to make the required changes.

Improve communication with Messaging on the Tasks and Targets and better ready your therapist team for their sessions with the Learner Summary. Transfer session feature allows the therapist to transfer their session to another therapist.

Introduction to Portia’s Scheduling System (1:17)

The following 5 videos will show you how to use this new feature:

1. Setting Clinic Hours (1:00)

3. Setting Learner Availability (1:44)

5. Master Schedule (5:25)

With these steps completed you will be ready to see how these enhancements will enable your clinic to operate efficiently with Portia.

New Features Include:

Learner Summary (0:42)

Better ready your therapist team for their sessions. The Learner Summary provides an overview of the Learner with pertinent info such as About, Medical, Allergies and Illnesses.

Task and Target Messaging (1:18)

Record Messages on Tasks and Targets on the PortiaPro mobile app and on the web admin.

Transfer Sessions (1:36)

Therapists can transfer sessions, ideal in case of illness or an emergency.

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