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  • Monthly per client
  • 1-50 Clients
  • No charge for users (staff)

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  • Free setup
  • Discounts for over 51 Clients
  • No charge for users (staff)
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Add-on Services

Self-serve Insurance Billing

  • $10.00 per month per client
  • Clients pay Clearing House fees

Full Service Insurance Billing

  • Full Service Insurance Billing: 4% of collected claims
  • Full Service Insurance Billing PLUS: 5% of collected claims
    * Portia will also manage verification of benefits and obtaining authorization

Portia’s Insurance Billing is as easy as click and submit.

Our API has allowed a seamless integration with the Clearinghouse – as soon as an EOB is released, it will be automatically updated in Portia. Payments are automatically reconciled. Reports are simple to understand – the way it should be.

Portia can bill all codes. Using pre-2019 codes? Portia will automatically split codes based on the type of service scheduled, handle rounding rules as per the ABAI guidelines, and stay on top of denied claims for you (with Full Service Insurance Billing).

Portia supports both Self-Serve and Full Service Insurance Billing.

The Self-Serve Insurance Billing is offered at an additional $10 per month per Client, and is ideal for clients who wish to maintain a billing department, handling all billing and claim related activities without Portia intervention. The Self-Serve Insurance Billing clients will be responsible for all clearinghouse fees.

Full Service Insurance Billing

Portia billing expertise to manage most billing functions at 4% of collected claims.

Full Service Billing PLUS

Utilize our full service plus for greater ease. For 5% of collected claims Portia will also manage verification of benefits and obtaining authorizations.

Please contact us today for a quote for Insurance Billing Services*.

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* For those clients who bill more than $500,000 per month in Managed Billing Service will receive a discount on the Data Collection & Practice Management monthly fee per Learner.

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