Portia is your All In One Solution

Data Tracking

One Click Claim Submission

Accounts Receivable

360° Visibility

Portia keeps you on top of what is happening:

  • in your clinic
  • with client programming

Notifications, Internal Service Desk and Messaging System.

Embedded Curriculum

Portia Curriculum or your own
Complete with Full Teaching Instructions which appear on the mobile app.

A screenshot of the embedded curriculum
A screenshot of the embedded curriculum
A screenshot of preloading sessions for offline data collection
A screenshot of custom forms and notes
A screenshot of the scheduler

Targets progress automatically

Enhanced Target Lifecycle

That’s right. Technology at its best. You don’t need to do anything. We will alert you if a target fails X number of sessions in a row. If needed you can manually override the target state.

Insurance Claims Made Easy

Insurance Billing for ABA Clinics has never been easier

Sessions are preloaded with the correct codes, simply select the session(s) and press Submit. Claims are scrubbed and verified prior to submission to the Insurance Company.

Portia will automatically split codes based on the type of service scheduled, handle rounding rules as per the ABAI guidelines, and stay on top of denied claims for you (with Managed Service).

Portia supports both a dual-tier Full Service Insurance Billing, and Self Serve, for those who have their own in-house Billing Department.

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Take your clinic with you

Track activities, attendees, notes, ABC data, task analysis, mand frequency, behavior deceleration, and skill acquisition, all from your smartphone or tablet.

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