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Your all-in-one Solution for ABA Data Collection, ABA Practice Management and ABA Insurance Billing.

Portia is therapy-first ABA software for your ABA clinic that combines practice management, electronic medical records, insurance billing, curriculum and data collection.

Portia keeps student therapy at the heart. It’s what we do.

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ABA Industry Experts

Expertise in ABA Clinic Operations, ABA Software Development and Process Management

Celebrating 10 years of business in 2022! Portia Software was developed and is used at The Portia Learning Centre, which has 4 clinics in Canada, offering in clinic and in home services.

With multiple servers around the world, we proudly serve numerous countries 24/7.

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Data Graphing & Analytics

Data collected for skill acquisition, behavior deceleration and functional behavior assessment results will be automatically graphed to the online Virtual Clinic for visual analysis. Monitor progress and evaluate treatment plan effectiveness with trend lines and custom phase-lines. View and audit session data, session notes, activities and session attendees. Easily create custom forms and report templates for you Insurance, IEP, Parent Reporting needs.
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Accounts Receivable

Staying on top of Account Receivable is paramount for any business. Easily and quickly access everything you need to run your business.
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Audit Reports

Auditing reports for clients, staff, payroll exports, Accounts Receivable Reports, Authorization Reports, etc. Everything you need to make your practice run smoothly!
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Insurance Billing

Portia scrubs and verifies claims, automatically splits codes based on the type of service, and handles rounding rules as per the ABAI guidelines, empowering you to stay on top of denied claims. Supports both Full Service Insurance Billing and Self-Service electronic claims submission for those who have their own in-house billing department.
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Practice Management

Visibility into your clinic is top priority. Scheduling; Master Schedule, Individual and Client Schedules, Audit Needs are all within Portia ABA Clinic Software.
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Data Collection

Collect data reliably and securely through the Portia Pro mobile or desktop technologies. Work through our secure cloud-based system, or simply pre-load a session to work offline. Wherever you are, you can bring your data with you. No internet at a client’s house? No problem work offline for your sessions. Record Baseline, Skill Acquisition, Generalization Maintenance Targets, Manding, ABC Data, Notes, Forms and more! Target progress automatically and receive customizable Notifications for all events.
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Take advantage of Portia’s extensive curriculum, which contains advanced-level programming in executive fuctioning, academic, and social skills and includes over 400 tasks. Have your own curriculum? Recreate and share with you staff in Portia!

ABA Practice Management

Visibility is Everything.

Scheduling, Role and Permission based access, Audit Needs giving you valuable insight into your practice. Keeping all aspect of your clinic organized has never been easier!

You cannot manage what you cannot see.

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ABA Data Collection

The Portia Pro app has a mobile and a web version. Collect data in real time or off line mode for tablet when WiFi is not available.

Built by BCBAs for BCBAs

ABA Insurance Billing

We have all the billing tools you need. Whether you want to keep billing in house or have the Portia Team take care of your Revenue Cycle Management for you.

Our US based billing team have years of experience in the ABA field working with small, medium and large clinics.

Maximize utilization

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What our clients say

When I selected Portia as the platform to manage data and billing for my ABA company, I was at the beginning a very daunting process. I knew I wanted to run an ABA company, but didn’t know how to do all the behind the scenes networkings. Karen and Paul were very supportive and helpful with each step! Mark has been very helpful in managing insurance companies and billing which is NOT why I entered this field. Their support and help allows me to focus on my clients and families needs. Karen is available in a moments notice and has always responded to my many questions. I am so pleased with this team, and am grateful for their continued support!

– Holly Bennett, BCBA President ABA Solutions, LLC

Ask how we can transition you from your current platform or put your paper data on extinction!

We will get you up and running with virtual training sessions. With our guided help and outstanding support, Portia is committed to making your on-boarding experience as easy as possible.

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