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Running an ABA Clinic with the right tools to aid you is a necessity in today’s marketplace. Portia ABA Clinic Software enables you, the Clinic Owner to run your clinic efficiently, save money on payroll, reduce staff turnover and improve the quality of life for your staff.

Staying on top of your operations and programming has never been easier. Simply log into Portia via your web browser and access all your clients, staff, insurance billing and audit needs.

If you cannot manage it, you cannot measure it.
If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

Visibility is everything

Portia enables 100% visibility into the operational data of your clinic.

  • Who is providing what service to whom and for how long?
  • How do I verify rendered sessions actually happened?
  • Are my management staff getting 100% utilization of client authorizations?
  • Am I audit prepared?

With Portia, clinics gain incredible efficiencies
without compromising their work integrity.

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Portia allows Behavior Analysts to streamline their processes while maintaining quality and effective individualized ABA programs for each Learner… easy to set up and operate.

– Hellen Adedipe M.A., BCBA, Founder & Clinical Director – The Reason for Hope

Ask how we can transition you from your current platform or put your paper data on extinction!

We will get you up and running with virtual training sessions. With our guided help and outstanding support, Portia is committed to making your on-boarding experience as easy as possible.

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