Behavior Analysts

Built by BCBAs for BCBAs

BCBAs take pride in understanding their client’s unique needs and tailoring an educational program to them.

For many years, BCBAs have used overflowing binders full of paper sheets, sticky notes and graphs. The binder allowed for highly individualized client programs but it had drawbacks when it came to reporting and efficiency.

As ABA clinics look to modernize, they are increasingly turning to digital data collection.

Portia’s Solution helps in managing the backend of the clinic (e.g., Scheduling and Billing) and gives BCBAs flexibility to create customized programs for individual client.

Use Portia’s Curriculum or your own! Included are Full Teaching Procedures with examples, Generalization at home and targets. Each can be customized for your client.

With Portia, BCBAs can have the all the flexibility of paper while using a completely digital yet non-intrusive therapy software solution. Therefore, Behavior Analysts and clinics gain incredible efficiencies without compromising their work integrity.

Portia BCBA Software helps you and your clients.

Assess the Client

Using BCBA Software, BCBA’s will complete one or more assessment(s) to establish programming goals.

Plan Curriculum

Select your program tasks and targets from the Portia curriculum or from your own!

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Collect Data

Therapists record data on the
PortiaPro web or mobile app.

Analyze Reports

Reports generated include cumulative graphs, frequency, ABC, Task Analysis.

Update Program

Make immediate evidence based decisions and update program goals with integrity.

Increase Quality of Care

Focus on quality programming and delivery of care of your data and reporting needs.

Whether your clients are in-clinic, in-home or in-school, Portia gives your clear oversight of your programming and your RBTs.

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Portia allows Behavior Analysts to streamline their processes while maintaining quality and effective individualized ABA programs for each Learner… easy to set up and operate.

– Hellen Adedipe M.A., BCBA, Founder & Clinical Director – The Reason for Hope

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