5 ways going paperless makes treatment more effective

Over the past few years we’ve been noticing a growing trend: our clients are more engaged and getting better results faster than ever. Our staff are just as talented now as they were before, so what’s happening? The evidence is clear: our paperless system is helping us run more efficiently and effectively.


Here are five areas where we are seeing the biggest changes.

1. Say goodbye to overflowing binders and complicated filing systems

Converting your data to digital with Portia eliminates lost work and simplifies indexing, so you can find what you need quickly and easily. This means our clinicians can find and use their data on the fly, which translates to faster and better results for the learner. Switching to digital also cut our paper use down by 90%, leading to savings of over $700/month in office supplies alone!

2. Eliminate errors with computer accuracy

Using Portia’s automated target progression and reporting ensures you are making treatment decisions based on reliable data. Not only will you save time drawing graphs, progressing targets, or updating skill tracking sheets; you will also know that they are done with precision. Before we made the switch, I collected data on the number of errors per week for just one learner. Although all of our staff are thoroughly trained, human flaws led to an average of 17 data errors per week. After we switching to Portia ABA Clinic Software, errors dropped by 100%. That’s right: 0 data errors.

3. Less time graphing = more time learning.

When you automate your process, you suddenly have more time to focus on each learner. Not only do clinicians become more effective— they also become more efficient. Eliminating the hours required to progress each learner’s targets means more learners can be served without compromising the integrity of their service.

4. Customize your treatment for each learner

After working in ABA for eleven years, I know each learner is unique. The problem with most software-based curriculums is that they don’t respect the individuality of the learner. Portia makes sure you can use each learner’s strengths to their advantage by allowing custom treatment plans and flexible curriculum. When you need guidance, the Portia curriculum provides over 300 clinic-tested teaching procedures that you can use as-is or modify to fit the learner. Not only can your plan be fully customized, but your data collection is also configured specifically to each target, in each program, for every child.

5. Safely access learners’ data wherever you are

Portia’s secure virtual clinic gives you the flexibility to work while you’re on the go or meeting a client remotely. With only an Internet connection you can collect data, communicate with team members and store documents wherever you are. Best of all, you know your learners’ data are safe with Portia’s secure HIPAA compliancy.


Secure and scalable

The increased organization, accuracy and efficiency from switching to Portia ABA Clinic Software have allowed us to take on more learners and ensure that they are getting the custom treatment they need. Luckily, the software is just as useful for a clinic with 5 learners as it is for a clinic with 5000 learners since it is completely secure and scalable. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your clinic’s operation, I highly recommend you try Portia’s demo today and see for yourself.


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